delete room

Dynamic rooms management (updated)

We have added 3 new rules for dynamic rooms. Dynamic rooms are real time created rooms by users (you can enable them in your chatadmin roles panel: can create room)

In your chatadmin config/Chat, you can find now a new select box “When a dynamic room is deleted ?” that has 3 possibles states

  1. creatorLeavesRoom
    The dynamic room is deleted as soon as its creator leaves the room (even if there are people in that room).
  2. noMorePeopleInRoom
    This room is deleted when there is no more people in the dynamic room
  3. creatorLeavesRoomAndNomMorePeopleInRoom
    This room is deleted when creator leaves the room AND there is no more people in this room.
  4. creatorLeavesChatAndNoMorePeopleInRoom
    This room is deleted when creator leaves the chat AND there is no more people in this room.

Notice that a dynamic room can be deleted directly in the chat.
You can define who can delete dynamic room from chatadmin roles:

canDeleteRoom : this role can delete ANY dynamic role (should be reserved to admins or moderators)

candeleteHisRoom : this room can delete only his own room

private webcam

Webcam inside window private chat

When you choose chat type: window, your private chat will open in individual draggable, resizeable windows.

Now you can start an exclusive webcam video chat inside that individual windows: you just need to check the option: “Private tab window has webcam” inside your chatadmin / config / webcam panel

Webcam inside private chat window

Notice that this webcam is EXCLUSIVE to an user: other users will not be able to watch at you and also, you cannot open many individuals webcams at the same time.


How to sort users by role ?

It is now possible to sort user by role.
ex: you need admin to be displayed before moderators, then users then guests.

In your config panel, choose config, under tab “users” you can now choose: sorting by role-power

Sorting users by role-power

Then you just need to click the role sorting button in your chat and users will be ordered by their roles.

Notice that you can define what role should be displayed in priority: roles have “power” property (you can find that in roles in you chat panel). Ex: admin has role of 9 (high priority) and guest has role of 0 (low priority). You can change these priorities by editing the power field.

Sorting by role button on the chat
user Info

Add user info

User info icon and data

You can now enable info window modal (show profile of user) in html5 chat.

  1. Enable that in your config : chatadmin/config/users
  2. A new info button will appear in users list userList
  3. If you click on that button, you will get the user info

Description Field

Notice that there is a new fields added to user’s properties called “description“. This is a field user can fill when he registers the chat, or you can also pass it as JWT parameter
To enable that field, you need to to to /chatadmin/config/users management and enable “Should user provide small description when register